Dr Chen Minde

Clinic location:   Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Education:    M.B.B.S, School of Clinical Medicine, Zhejiang Medical University, China

Dr. Chen had been working in the Department of Dermatology, Wenzhou No. 2 People Hospital for over thirty years after he was graduated from Zhejiang Medical University. Dr. Chen was the head for the Department of Dermatology before he retired in December 1998. Since then, Dr. Chen has been working in his own private clinic, Chen Minde Vitiligo Specialist Clinic.

In addition to his education background from Western medicine, Dr. Chen is also an enthusiastic TCM practitioner due to the good influence from his father, who was a well reputed TCM physician. During his over fifty years of clinical work, Dr. Chen has been using combination of Chinese and Western medicine to treat vitiligo. Dr. Chen has multiple publications in various national journals and his work has also been presented in various national or international conferences.

Relevant Reports£º

1. WENZHOU DAILY, April 15, 1996, 7th Edition


2. WENZHOU ECONOMIC DAILY, December 28, 2000, B2 Edition


Selected Photos:

1. Dr Chen Minde spoke at the international medical cosmetology seminar held in Hong Kong in 1988


2. Dr Chen Minde took a group photo with Professor Zhu Xuejun of Dermatology of Beijing Medical University at the Asian dermatology conference in 1998


3. Dr Chen Minde of dermatology department and his wife Dr Zhu suqiu of traditional Chinese Medicine Department


4. Medical heir, Daughter, Doctor of Internal Medicine


5. Medical heir, Daughter, Chief dermatologist


6. Medical heir, Dr Xu Xianting, Chief dermatologist


7. Hobbies in old age¡ª¡ªI protect flowers and plants with love, and flowers and plants accompany me in my old age


   Hobbies in old age¡ª¡ªLearn calligraphy and painting in the old age and try to find happiness in later life